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List of Storage Heaters Containing Asbestos

May 3, 2009


Are Storage Heaters Containing Asbestos Dangerous?

As a rule storage heaters are perfectly safe providing that they are not damaged or tampered with, i.e. been dismantled and then put back together again, as damage to the asbestos sheets (which is used as a fire retardant) as it can cause the sheet to release asbestos dust and fibres. These fibres can be inhaled into the lungs where they can cause asbestos related disease such as asbestosis and mesothelioma. Many storage heaters manufactured before 1975 contain asbestos, and you may have purchased a property where these have been installed.



What should I do if I want to Remove or Dispose of Them?


DO NOT: Dismantle a storage heater to see if you can locate and identify asbestos sheeting. (Dismantling and removal of the asbestos should be carried out by an health safety expert).

OR: Simply dump it because you are unsure as to what to do with it! (Simply dumping it will put other unsuspecting people at risk, including inquisitive children).

If you have any storage heaters on your premises that you no longer require, you should have them removed by a licensed contractor. If you are unsure as to whether the storage heater contains asbestos you can check from the list of manufactured storage heaters that contain asbestos here