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Category Archives: Safety In The Workplace

Health And Safety Training Is Compulsory For Any Job

June 23, 2010

Employees of every company and in every industry should get health and safety training, where they will learn how to act in emergency situations. All employers are supposed to provide safety training to their workers in order to keep them safe and avoid problems at the workplace. Lack of safety training can lead to someone getting seriously hurt or injured and then will create further problems for the company. Health and safety training will make workers prepared for difficult situations at work, for solving problems and for preventing injuries or even deaths. Here are some important aspects all employers should remember in order to provide a healthy and safe environment for their employees.

Safety training is very important and it shouldn’t be provided only once a year. New workers join the company all the time and they need to be trained from the beginning. Besides, the employees, who have been working for the company for a long time, should also get their safety skills refreshed. The best way to do it is to provide safety training every month if it is possible.

Safety training should include different teaching devices like videos, pictures, presentations, facts and numbers, etc. All this will help students to absorb the information better. Making safety training interesting will make employees remember this useful information even in the emergency situations. This ensures the safety of many people as well as helps avoid the property damage.

There are many important issues included in the health and safety training such as responsible behavior, preventing germs to spread with the proper hygiene, safe manual handling, how to avoid slips, falls and trips via proper cleaning, how to dispose of chemicals, first aid, fire safety and using protective gear. Every aspect is very immense, so it is hard to cover all of them during one training session.

The best way to learn these safety aspects would be through several training programs or sessions. Using pictures and videos will help workers understand the right safety methods and procedures. Our words do not always bring the message across effectively, while videos or pictures can do it much better. You can use a wide range of DVDs available to cover an important safety issue. There is also great e-learning software on health and safety training, which is interactive and makes the training easier and much more effective.

The most important thing to remember is that no matter what industry you work in, health and safety training is essential for each of them. Working in more dangerous conditions than usual such as on construction site or with hazardous materials increases the need in proper safety training. So, if you work or would like to work on lorry mounted cranes, for example, you must take the HIAB training. A course of HIAB training will give you the needed qualification and will teach you all safety issues you need to know for this job.

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Tips On Employee Safety Training

June 18, 2010

Every new employer in the company should start with proper safety training. Safety training is the most important one prior to work and other company trainings. Safety training is supposed to be provided by the company, because it is responsible for the safety of employees. Every company should have a person responsible for providing the safety training to all employees. This safety officer should make sure that workers get an effective health and safety training.

Proper safety training is needed to ensure safety of your workers as well as assets of your company. It also helps in achieving the goals and targets of the company. Some of the following tips will help you achieve a better and a much more effective safety training for employees of your company. You can use these tips as the comprehensive overview and see how it can help you while using at the work place.

Safety officers should prepare relevant training for each worker. This safety training should be based on the results of the survey made within the company. Every employee should be classified according to the job and his tasks. So, if the safety training is provided for a plant operator, he will get safety information, which will be different from a laboratory analyst safety details. Some safety training programs will be the same, of course.

Another important factor is that all employees must get safety training such as supervisors, managers, operators and even temporary employees. IOSH managing safely is great safety training for employees as well as employers.

Safety committee and officers should be appointed in your company. These people will be responsible for safety training providing to new workers and make sure all necessary safety topics are discussed. If not, they can propose additional topics. All safety topics should be complied with government standards and regulations.

Training materials should also be available to your employees. All kinds of training materials such as presentations, videos, handbooks and workbooks will improve the safety environment in your company as well as help you save onthe cost of training. Safety training topics should also include equipment safety guide.

It is also important to make sure that all safety training materials are easy to understand and are concise. The language should be understood by all employees. Make sure that the materials are translated if it is necessary. Training programs should also be interesting. It is much easier to memorize important information when it is presented in a creative way. You can conduct safety training by yourself or hire a good safety training consultant. There are some great safety training programs and IOSH managing safely is one of the programs, which will be useful to take for employees as well as employers.

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